“What are some good choices for our first dance?” Brides and grooms ask that question all the time, looking for guidance and suggestions. The first dance is a very special moment, and the song selection can be based on many different things.

Special song: some couples remember a particular song from either their first date, when they fell in love, or some other specific memory (first baseball game?). The song has become “theirs” and is symbolic of their relationship

Special dance- some couples want to do a particular kind of dance or choreography, so they will look for songs to fit a style or genre. (For example; one couple enjoyed ballroom dancing and were quite good, so they chose a              romantic waltz. Another couple wanted to really make a splash, so they chose “More Than a Woman” from “Saturday Night fever” and did the Hustle!

Still Searching- I find that most couples do not have one special song, are not planning a special dance, and want to find something that they both like and feel comfortable with.

There are many genres of love songs to choose from. You can find love songs from movies or shows (i.e. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from Lion King), pop ballads on the radio (by Alicia Keys or Anita Baker), rock ballads (by Eric Clapton or Bryan Adams), jazz standards (by Frank Sinatra.) There are contemporary ballads (by Ben Harper), classic soul ballads (by Marvin Gaye or remakes by Boyz II To Men), and modern power ballads (by U-2.)

Some people like the tried and true. Other people want to find something completely unique. Some couples are traditional. Others want something trendy or edgy, and there are musical choices to suit everyone. Since we are often asked for song ideas, we have created several lists of suggestions for first dances, which you can find on the SONGLIST tab, at the top of this website.

We have so much fun researching and finding both new and old song ideas to share with our clients. We will be compiling and adding new lists frequently, and we will periodically post these as articles.

For now, you can view our  most popular first dance song lists:
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First Dances- Alternative Selections
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