I am a big believer in the “no right and wrong” philosophy. There is (usually) not just one way to do or look at something. It is important to determine what experience you want to have, and then make the choices that will lead you to that experience. So while a decision is not “wrong” in a general sense , it may be the wrong one if you are looking for a specific outcome. Let’s say, for example, that you were planning a dinner party at your home, and you wanted the evening to be very relaxed and casual. It would be the “wrong” choice to ask guests to come dressed in black tie. If you were a planning an elegant Saturday night wedding in a ballroom of a metropolitan hotel, however, it could be “right” to ask guests to wear black tie.

No right and wrong. Please know I am not talking about moral issues here, as I also believe in always being extremely kind and caring toward our fellow creatures. But with regard to choices, about the way things are “usually done,” about how we navigate through our lives, how we celebrate our milestones, how we throw our parties,  I subscribe to a school of thought that encourages us to find what brings us the most joy, and continues to make the choices that lead us there. Determine what we want to accomplish, then set a course for it; previously chartered or not.
No right and wrong, although we can certainly benefit from guidelines and formulas that have been successfully used before, which can be modified to fit our unique perspective.

Let’s tie this into the “music for weddings and parties” theme,  since this is the Starlight Orchestras Blog! While planning your events,  I recommend doing your research on how things are commonly done, and then making your own decisions based on what makes sense to you and what would please you the most. It really does not have to be any particular way. If you find that you lean toward ideas that are not in the mainstream, then be sure to choose vendors who are flexible and open. (By “vendors” I refer to event planners, music providers, caterers, designers/florists, photographers etc.)

Remember, life is like a big buffet, with a huge variety of experiences to choose from.  What makes life so indescribably delicious is that there is no end to the possibilities, no end to the choices we can make. As a matter of fact, we can continue to make the same choices and continue to have the same experiences, or we can choose new options and change our life experience. Every day, every moment is a new opportunity to create our selves and create our lives, and while we’re at it, why not create fabulous events as well?