There are so many kinds of weddings: fancy ones, funky ones, casual ones, formal ones, beachy ones, elegant ones, I could go on and on. I am going to write about a wedding I did recently at a beautiful hotel in Manhattan. First of all, when I say “I did the wedding,” what does that mean? I own and run Starlight Orchestras (a live music company), I lead a band, I play the electric guitar, I train bandleaders, I look for talent, I sing, I write arrangements, I write songs, and I produce music; so, what does it mean to “do a wedding?”   Well, I have spoken about “the whoosh factor”; that special magical something that makes a party come alive. If an event is a machine, then I believe that music is the “engine.” If an event is a destination, then music is the plane or ship that takes you from here to there.  If an event is a body, then music is the soul that gives it life. I could go on with my analogies all day (and I do love my analogies!).  The music is a driving force, and someone needs to manage it, steer the ship, fly the plane. Someone needs to orchestrate the different ways that music affects an event. Providing music for the various aspects of a wedding or event is one part of the job, the other is consulting on all of the ways to USE music to influence, encourage, motivate, enhance, enliven, and underscore the entire affair. When I, or any of my fellow bandleaders at Starlight Orchestras “do a wedding,” we are not only bandleaders, but also creators of the magic; bringing our expertise and artistry to create moods and environments using sound and music.

We “do” weddings all of the time. People seek us out when they want something special, a chic and whole-istic approach to the musical elements of their event. So when a former neighbor, Mrs. Reuben, called to talk about her daughter’s wedding, I was excited to learn that I would be “DOING THE WEDDING!”

…Stay tuned for Chapter Two which will follow the unfolding of “A Dreamy Wedding.”