Everyone loves music. We all have favorite styles, artists that we like to listen to, songs that bring back memories. We all listen to music, yet are often not aware of how we USE music on a daily basis, throughout all the “segments” of our lives. Music in the morning helps us make the transition from sleep to wakefulness. Music while driving in the car, or on our Ipod when we travel sets a mood for how we want to feel. Many people have music playing at their jobs which propels them through their day. We use music to unwind, music to relax, music to rev up, music to inspire, music to exercise, and music to dance. We choose different types music to be the backdrop for our dinners, our backyard barbecues and our romantic encounters. While we may not always be conscious of the musical choices we make and why, we are most definitely creating moods for ourselves by the genres, radio stations and playlists that we select. Try this little experiment to illustrate this concept. Put on the television or turn on your favorite movie; WITH THE SOUND OFF! See how dry everything is without the soundtrack influencing how we should feel. If we can affect our own emotional state by the music we choose to listen to, we can also affect and influence the moods of others. When we have a party at home, for example, we can decide if we want our friends to walk into a relaxed and cool atmosphere with our stereo playing light jazz, or if we prefer to have classic rock favorites creating a more energetic vibe. People feel and act differently based on the musical backdrop. Think of the large events that we sometimes have the opportunity to host; the weddings, the mitzvahs, the fundraisers. Some of us even work in the event field and produce large scale corporate events, award shows and general sessions. Just like our lives, these events are made up of different “segments,” and in every segment we have the opportunity to set a mood, invoke a feeling, or encourage an activity. By raising our awareness and making conscious and purposeful choices, we can orchestrate the moments of our events as well as our lives, and infuse them with purpose, meaning, and feeling.
The use of music can be instrumental (no pun intended!) in making this happen.
In the world of Starlight and in my blog, I will continue to expound upon the relationship between our events and our lives, and the vital role that music plays.