Trying to be objective is a lot of work: life is full of potential conflicts due to all the different points of view that we have. If an event occurs there are at last 3 ways to look at it; how you saw it, how I saw it, and what really happened. Every time you add another person into the mix, there is another viable and relevant point of view. Each can be completely different, none of them are wrong, and all have points of truth. Misunderstandings abound as people tend to focus on their own perspective and they compile as much “evidence” as they can In order to support their position. Imagine instead if we all assumed there would be value in uncovering the different perspectives of all concerned, and put ourselves for a moment in the shoes, minds and hearts of the others. Ask oneself, “if that were me, what would I be feeling?” In a certain frame of mind, this is not hard to do. But it does require that we put our own staunch posture on the side, if even for a brief few moments, and expand our horizon by exploring another person’s perspective. We are often unwilling to do this for any number of reasons; it wasn’t taught to us, we feel that it is not reciprocal, that no one will be thinking of us and advocating for our feelings, so why should we abandon our post and try to empathize with someone else. To that I say, big changes are made with small steps, one at a time. A river is formed by mere droplets. If we can see ourselves not only as the center of our own universe, but also as a system that orbits and intersects with others, we can begin to find the understanding, compassion, and objectivity that can create harmonious worlds.