I am always excited to introduce people to the wonderful world of Starlight Orchestras! This organization was originally created as a personal challenge to see how “good it could get,” how high could we raise the bar, how much fun could we have at work, how much integrity could we bring, and just how much could we transform the image of a “wedding band?”

We were dedicated to it, we held to our ideals and we never compromised on the quality. Starlight became an opportunity to recruit the most exciting performers, the “heaviest” musicians, the most innovative creative team. It became a forum for our vision of uplifting, inspiring, creative positive energy, and working with people in a healing capacity. (And you thought this was a mere music company!) We spent the first few years on the phone with perspective clients busting the myths of our industry (i.e. that band size should be in direct proportion to the number of guests at a party). We explained over and over why they needed to raise the music budget for their parties if they wanted something spectacular. It worked! People loved our concept, the bands were incomparable, and we got rave reviews. We were delighted to hear people saying, “If you want the best, call Starlight!” And this, I am proud to say, has been the constant thread throughout our twenty year history.

The best part of our journey has been the joy we experience when we get on stage with our fellow performers and create the magic that excites and electrifies our audiences. The explosive energy generated between the guests and the performers elevates the party to the heights for which Starlight is famous. We are proud to be part of people’s happiest moments, we participate in the most important days of their lives, we facilitate their celebrations. We set the stage for people to share love and joy. This is truly thrilling and we feel blessed to spend our lives involved in this process.

Over the years we continued to enhance our product, and we developed a strong reputation for having the best bands in the New York market. Soon we began traveling all over the country performing at charity balls and providing music for high level corporate events. We found that our performance was as entertaining and as well-received as many of the headline acts that performed along side of us. The natural progression was to spin off a division called “The Starlight Experience,” which is a large and dynamic ensemble that has all of the “bells and whistles” of a headline show, yet still plays all of the favorite repertoire that our audiences want to hear throughout their special events. “The Starlight Experience” performs for many celebrity parties, political events, as well as private functions all over the globe, and is geared to be an alternative to headline entertainment.  (www.starlightexperience.com)

There is so much to write about the world of Starlight Orchestras; our history and development, our philosophies, the behind-the -scenes, as well as our wealth of knowledge about creating amazing events. I look forward to sharing these things, and I welcome your comments and feedback.  Please let me know if there is something  you would like us to write about in future articles.  For now, I wish you peace, love, joy and great music!

-Valerie Romanoff