logo_newyorkweddingsAn excerpt from a featured article and interview for the New York Weddings 2003 issue.

Valerie Romanoff, Starlight Orchestras and Productions, “On this big tour boat that shall remain nameless, we’re playing in a glass room, and we can see the boat heading toward the banks and everyone on the dance floor is oblivious. It was just like in Titanic. We’re thinking, Oh my God, this boat is going to crash. But we have to keep on playing; we have to create calm. Somehow, the boat miraculously stops before it crashes into Queens. Then it starts drifting. At this point, we’d been playing for about an hour and a half, and normally we’d take a break, but the crew didn’t want the guest to look out the window. So now we realize we’re difting all the way to La Guardia…”
Another wedding feature:

“One bride, who did not have attendants, placed family members and people dear to her along the sides of the aisle. During her procession they each handed her a flower, so by the time she reached the alter she had a full bouquet. It was intimate and romantic, and everyone remembers it .”