logo_dallasmorningnewsFeatured review April 10, 2002 on the 40th Beaux Arts Ball!

“For the price of wisdom is above rubies, sayeth Job. But the Old Testament hero might have easily meant philanthropy at this year’s 40th anniversary Beaux Arts Ball, where the city’s most generous art patrons gathered at the Dallas Museum of Art for a most worthy cause: Susan Hayner’s test of Job, since the museum’s chief fund-raising even was not held last year, and expectations ofr this year’s ball were sky high. She did not disappoint, Everyone danced to the Starlight Orchestra from New York (which also performed at Michael Douglas’ wedding to Catherine Zeta-Jones). Honorary chairman Nancy Hamon surveyed it all from a central table inside the tent. “I’ve been on the board of the Dallas Museum of Art since 1957,” she said, “and this is the best party we’ve ever had.”